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November 18 2012


Fitness Myths Busted Part 3

Ok, and so it has been a long time since I put up any fitness myths, some of you have gotten in contact with me and requested some more. So this is the next installment of our fitness myths busted.

Fitness exercise

I do think everyone must know a person that does this: they go to the gym, do not actually achieve or do a lot, perhaps just a few bicep curls along with chest workouts, then dash to the locker room to drink a protein drink. They likely question why they're not seeing much improvement, get discouraged and finally give up. Shakes certainly are a fantastic way to acquire added healthy proteins, but the true key is to eat a structured diet that is tailored toward muscle development.

A structured and balanced diet thats high in protein is the main element here. Most nutritionalists recommend a ratio of 40% carbs 40% protein and 20% fats (healthy fat). This is a fantastic method to follow. Simply use protein as a nutritional supplement to your diet plan rather than a reason to not change your diet!

September 08 2012


Fitness Myths Busted Part 2

Fitness Myth #2: Jogging on a treadmill puts less stress on your legs

Sprinting "Running is an excellent exercise session, however may affect the knees -- but since it's the same pressure of your body weight impacting your joints that creates the stress, it is the same whether or not you might be on a treadmill or on asphalt," says Todd Schlifstein, DO, a clinical instructor at New York University Medical Center's Rusk Institute.

A sensible way to reduce knee impact, says Schlifstein, is to vary your exercise routine.

"If you mix sprinting along with other aerobic activities, such as an elliptical machine, or ride a stationary exercise bike, you certainly will lessen strain on your knees so you'll be able to run for quite a few more years," says Schlifstein.

Once again we have shattered another exercise myth!

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We Bust The Fitness Myths

On the net there really is no shortage of helpful information which will help you to realize your fitness goals. Having said that, there are also many inaccurate articles or blog posts which can impair your progress so we intend on busting those fitness myths.

Health Myth #1: You Gained Pounds of Fat This Weekend

You will probably be pretty surprised that it's not really that easy to gain weight, it requires a surplus of 3500 calories for your body to put on 1lb of fat. Healthy food

The weight you may have gained over the weekend isn’t necessarily going to be all fat. Say if the scale says you have gained 5lb. due to your over indulgent weekend, not all of it will be fat gain. In case you have over eaten then there's a high chance that the weight you have gained consists mostly of water from a surplus off carbohydrates and sodium.

This is good news for the reason that water weight is extremely effortless to lose and can be achieved by simply participating in a reduced carbohydrate and sodium (salt) diet. Losing unwanted fat is a little more difficult. A decreased calorie diet along with a few high intensity cardio sessions should give your metabolism the jump start it needs in order to burn off any excess weight.

Try to avoid over do it every weekend if you're dieting, as an alternative reward yourself once a week with a 'cheat meal' Doing so will provide your body a kick start to lose more weight, as if you have been on a calorie deficient weight reduction plan then your body naturally goes in to starvation mode and it gets tougher to lose excess weight, by overloading it with high calorie foods it can sometimes produce greater weight loss.

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July 11 2012

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Because this is my very first post, I will take the time to say thanks to you for visiting and finding out about my blog page!

Now, a little about me.

Employed as a personal trainer during the day, I enjoy chill out by writing articles as well as blog posts on pretty much everything connected with physical fitness.

The majority of my clients come to me wanting to gain muscle thus, making this where my expertise is but I'll also try to help with the other aspects. Hopefully this will be the very first post of many, don't forget to stop by often to remain updated with my most recent postings.

With that said, together with this blog page I've also started my very own website which is kept up to date with product reviews as well as articles (quite similar to this weblog) you can have a look at it view my site

I hope that I'm able to make this blog an internet site that you will want to bookmark and come back again and again. The purpose is to try and upload any articles or blog posts I create and hopefully you'll find them intriguing and they'll help you one way or another with your goals.

So that's my first post and the introduction done, next up will be an article I hope you find useful. Nice one for reading and I hope you return soon.
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